If you are in search of a UX/UI design company, you’ve come to the right place: our designers are available for hire!
More details on our design process are below.


At both stages of our mobile and web design services the key people from our side are a UX/UI Designer (an expert in user experience and user interface design solutions) and a Project Manager (the main communicator and problem solver).

The most important person is the Product Owner (PO), who acts as the decision maker. This role can either be performed on your side or on ours.


At this stage, the competitor analysis has been completed and a business strategy has been defined. The assigned team makes preparations by investigating the reports and functional specifications and adjusts our internal process to correspond with business needs. Once all aspects have been studied, the team may proceed with custom mobile and web app design services.


The team members create black and white wireframes. They work according to the agile methodologies and Kanban showing current progress and asking for PO’s feedback on a daily basis. It is during this phase that Product Owner involvement is extremely high. As well, in this stage our team can provide a clickable interactive prototype and a map screen to satisfy even the most scrupulous POs.


An outside Senior UX/UI Designer reviews the completed wireframes and gives recommendations. Our professional Senior developers, with expertise in relevant technologies, perform initial proof of concept. They can also provide various implementation options for custom UX elements and give advice on the most reasonable option. Finally, an MVP version is selected from the full spectrum of wireframes.


The team members start to develop UI mockups for an MVP, beginning with graphic styles and visual perception. The PO involvement level is still high, though only in the beginning during which the team works on style options for 1-2 of the most important screens. A clickable interactive prototype is even more viable at this stage of web and mobile app design, especially if your business strategy includes a pitch/presentation for potential investors.


As well as wireframes, mockups are also reviewed by an outside Senior UX/UI designer. This individual mostly checks for compliance with Apple and Google design guidelines. Custom UI elements are also reviewed by our software engineers at this stage. This is where the most daring ideas in mobile and web design face the reality of development conditions.


Once the design has been updated according to the review and has been fully approved by the PO, the only thing left is to successfully move on to the MVP Development stage. Our web and mobile design services end with prepared, final UI mockups that are sliced into assets for the developers.