As soon as your MVP has received feedback from its early adopters and has proven to be successful, it requires constant support. The main difference between this stage and MVP development is that your product now has valuable users and thus must be stable enough to retain them.
As the risk of losing users is very high, the task is to ensure effective maintenance and improvement of your project. Our team can help you with this ongoing development in the following ways:


We allocate a dedicated team to work on functionality growth and further product development. User feedback drives project improvement and helps to prioritize the tasks to be completed. The goal is to provide your audience with a product capable of fully satisfying their needs and expectations.


Another option available as a part of ongoing work on a project is a simple on-demand model through which we help with occasional requests, monitoring of project stability, control of server performance, and handling of peak usage situations.


While this is an integral part of product creation at any stage, ongoing development places even more emphasis on it. Our QA Engineer devotes many hours to controlling the stability of your project, testing it, and reducing the risk of errors to the lowest possible extent.


The fact that new products appear nearly every day can make market conditions quite turbulent. As a result, your business strategy and competitor analysis should be reviewed periodically. Our experienced Business Analyst does this to ensure that these are up-to-date and to improve them as necessary.


As technologies develop, the technical aspect of your product can at times become outdated. Our team knows what to do if the project needs to be adapted to the latest version of an operating system or server and/or if security updates are required.