Codumatic team of expert software engineers is experienced in MVP development for startups and entrepreneurs. Contact us to find out if they are available for hire.
Should you wish, you can also learn more about the stages our Minimum Viable Product Development services comprise.


We can work with your personal design as well as use UX/UI solutions created by our own designers. In either case, Tech Leads from corresponding departments begin by reviewing and analyzing all input materials on the project. These input materials consist of are functional specifications, design, and API.


No matter if it is a Minimum Viable Product for a startup or an MVP for an established business, we work to meet the needs and requirements of all of our clients.

A typical MVP team includes a Business Analyst, UX/UI Designer, programmer(s), Quality Assurance Engineer, Project Manager, and the Product Owner. This team can be customized easily according to your specific needs or the type of MVP.


The assigned MVP development team performs detailed and comprehensive project planning during one or two first sprints (depending on the MVP scope).

They then write technical documentation, plan architecture, and create a backlog (a detailed list of user stories and test cases to be implemented)


We provide MVP development services according to the agile methodology by short iterations (sprints) that usually last one to two weeks each.

During the sprints we stay in constant contact with you, send you daily updates, and do our best to ensure transparent and professional cooperation.


Once all backlog tasks are completed and the MVP is ready for the market, the team helps to release it. If this is a web project, it is uploaded to the production server. If it is a mobile project, it is submitted to online stores such as the Apple AppStore and Google Play.